Epileptic Encephalopathy - 
Sodium channel, voltage gated, type VIII, alpha subunit

The goal of the SCNA8A interactive website is to make available important information about the clinical features, causes, and treatments of SCN8A epileptic encephalopathy to families, doctors, and researchers. The website will house and curate information on clinical variability, genetic variants, anti-epileptic drugs, and current research findings associated with SCN8A epileptic encephalopathy.

The purpose is to help advance SCN8A research and speed the pace of translating discoveries in the laboratory to benefit children, families, and doctors. The site will also help to inform families and doctors of the efficacy of current medications, as well as new treatment options that are becoming available. The website will also have a forum for families to communicate with each other, and provide a network or doctors with experience in treating SCN8A epileptic encephalopathy.

For more information please visit the website - SCN8A website